Great apps to boost home-office productivity

Working from home is fulfilling for a multitude of reasons, but presents the difficult challenge of remaining focused. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of tools you can use to help supercharge your productivity in your home-office. Here are some great apps that will allow you to reach your potential while working from home.


Have you ever had a lot of work to do, but seen an article posted on Twitter that looks too good to ignore? This is where Pocket kicks in. Pocket is an amazing application that allows you to save websites and articles for later viewing. Its utility comes from its superb design and easy-to-use interface.

Pocket gets installed directly into your web browser, making it super easy to use. A great feature is the ability to tag and sort saved links, making it less complicated to find things later on.

Pocket allows you to organize your day more productively, allocating specific times for reading articles and websites you have seen throughout the day, This will help you stay focused on your important tasks without distractions.


You’ve been working hard all day, but you check your email just before bedtime and find some things you want to reply to. Nobody likes receiving an email after midnight, however. Fortunately, Boomerang is a great tool that lets you schedule your emails for later.

This means that you can use that spare time before bed to reply to emails, rather than having to get up earlier the next day. Boomerang integrates easily into your Gmail account, adding a whole new layer of functionality.

Remember the Milk

This application is just as clever as its name, helping you to stay on top of the little tasks throughout the day that you may otherwise forget about. Remember the Milk lets you set up to-do lists, which you can tag, subtask and make use of their ‘smart list’ feature. What makes this app so good is the fact that it can be setup to send you reminders through both email and SMS, ensuring you never forget to go get the milk – or whatever else is important for your day in the home office.


Sometimes scrolling Facebook can be too hard to resist, and only one click away. While we like to think we can exhibit self-control, in reality, we may need someone, or something, to keep us in line. StayFocusd is just the app for the job! This Google Chrome extension lets you block specific websites, or set a maximum amount of time you are allowed to spend on them each day.

This is the ultimate tool for helping you avoid distractions and enhance your productivity in the home office. While it may be a bit extreme for everyday use, it can be very useful to turn on when you are particularly busy and need to hunker down.

135 List

135 List is a fantastic tool for planning your day, based on the 1-3-5 method. This method involves allocating one big thing, three medium things and five small things that you have to accomplish daily. It’s a really useful way to think about your day, allowing you to squeak out more productivity than you may have realized first possible.

The utility of the 1-3-5 method is not necessarily in listing the big and medium things to do (which you will generally already be thinking about); instead, it’s in thinking about the small things you would like to tick off during the day.

There are so many awesome tools available, which can really help you boost your productivity while working from home! In the end, however, it’s your determination and passion that is most important.


Alana Downer is the Content Manager at Learn to Trade – a leading currency trading education company based in Australia.

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