The Importance of a Positive Workplace Culture to Enable High Performance

The environment or culture within a workplace has a lot to do with how well or how bad the performance of the employees is. There are some qualities that must be present within a healthy work environment in order to perk up the progress and help the organization to evolve into something better.

The person in charge within any organization, whether it’s big or small, is the leader who sets a standard for the rest of the people who work under them – notably, the employees. It is up to this person to set a workplace culture that the employees can benefit from.

The Trick Is To Befriend Them

Leaders within an organization make the common mistake of going the extra mile to portray themselves as an embodiment of superiority and dominance. Not only does this cause the employees to feel inferior, it can also be nerve-wracking because it is in the nature of dominant people to favor those that are beneficial to them and single some out. Many employers swear that a cutthroat environment that is high-pressured is the only real way to get their employees to deliver what’s expected of them.

This is far from the truth. The trick is to become friends with the employees while maintaining your leadership status. Of course, the dominance and superiority are there on the label of a leader without the person having to do anything controlling. In workplaces, where it is seen that the employees and the employer have an equal amount of respect for each other, and for the way that the other works, the level of productivity within that firm is remarkably higher.

Recognize, if not Reward, Their Achievements

Often times, leaders or employers in an organization overlook the importance of recognizing employees’ achievements and good performance. This is one of the greatest mistakes that a leader can make. When the employees do not feel their achievements and hard work is being acknowledged, they begin to lack the motivation needed to outperform and maximize their skills.

This type of workplace can be very depreciating to the mental health of human beings. Even as children, we are taught between right and wrong by getting rewards for good behavior. Of course, in this scenario, even if the leaders were to give their employees a pat on the back for their performance, they are enabling a positive workplace culture for high performance as well as a trustworthy friendship between employer and employee.

Promote Positivity At All Costs

Organizations, such as Employment Innovations, are perfect for getting a brief idea of fostering positivity and organizing events and similar things that reward the employees with specific benefits for their hard work.

Many employers forgo their ideas of arranging something fun as well as challenging for the employees to participate in because it’ll cost them their time and their money. However, studies have proven that when the leader takes all the people under him and encourages them to work as a team, it is very likely that the employees start to enjoy what they do.


About the author:

Tom is a writer and marketer for various companies. When he’s not working, he spends his time in film photography, cinema, and literature.

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