Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Productivity

If you are like most knowledge workers, chances are you spend most of the day working and sitting in front of the computer. This type of job involves repetitive tasks, a slow pace of work, and poor work postures and movements which can lead to Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Observing good practices at work can prevent such work-related injuries. These are the 3 main areas that you need to maintain to remain healthy and productive at work:

Body Fitness 

Your body is prone to injury if you are not healthy. A fit body can handle more workload. It can withstand stress and abuse. Needless to say, an unfit body responds negatively to the impact of the daily grind.

Healthy Habits

You cannot have a healthy body without maintaining healthy habits. Eating the right way, getting a good amount of sleep, and exercising regularly should be the baseline of your healthy habits.

Maintain Good Posture 

Continuously holding or exposing your body to bad posture habits has a direct negative impact to your body. Maintain a good posture habit. Sitting can kill you. So if your job ties you to your chair, make sure that you take breaks at intervals.

BetterBack for Good Posture Habit

I’d like to mention a product that  I use. It’s called BetterBack. It’s a back support that you wrap around your waist and strap to your knees. The knee strap pulls your back to a good sitting posture. BetterBack “helps you build up your posture muscles.” You wear it 15 minutes a day for 7 days. The purpose is to help you build the habit of sitting in a good posture.

I missed the BetterBack campaign at Kickstarter. I am glad that I received one of the first issues of the product for free. So, that’s  a disclaimer for me.

Would I recommend the product? Yes. I am recommending it not because I received it for free. I felt an instant relief when I first used the product. I have a slight lower back discomfort  due to sitting in front of my desk the whole day, 5 days a week. A consistent right way of sitting in good posture can easily correct that back issue. BetterBack helps me improve my sitting posture.

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