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Choosing an office space for one’s company may seem not-all-that-important. If a business owner is running a quality business, people will come, no matter the other factors, right? If you’re under this misconception, you better forget all about it.

The foundation of your company starts at the very beginning, when choosing where to make your headquarters. Location, the exterior, as well as the interior play a major role in one’s business’ success. You need a perfect working environment that will be easy and stimulating to work in. Additionally, you need to worry about the type of building quality itself, the water quality, and various other items of pertinence.


Now we are not talking about anything fancy here, but your office building has to look acceptable, at the very least, if you want to enjoy some success. Old, rustic buildings in old neighborhoods do not have tendencies of attracting customers.

Decent-looking businesses, though, have been known to put a note of seriousness to the general aura of one’s company. While you might not need a glass skyscraper to begin with, try not to establish your office space inside an old apartment building.


First and foremost, you need to worry about the general office space. You want it to be as big and as spacious as possible. What this means is – the fewer the number walls, the better. In general, customers as well as workers tend to feel more comfortable in open spaces.

Make sure it is equipped with as many windows as possible and that the lighting is bright and warm. Put up large, minimalistic posters in bright colors all around to bring out the life in your office space. Provide your employees with large desks and quality computers and don’t forget the vending machines!


Major factors that should influence your decision are commute, amenities and neighborhood safety. Usually, when something is cheap, there’s a reason for it. Look at the previously mentioned factors and that should help you with the office space browsing. Ask around, even visit the place you’ve found.

If you opt for a remote location, that takes hours to get to, people will tend to refrain from accepting the job offer. You have to think about what sort of manpower you’ll need, and where most of the potential hires’ types live. When it comes to hiring additional help, think hard what kind of labor hire you need.

Different types include truck drivers, removalists, move managers, repair people, janitors, security, clerks, office assistants, and various other professionals. Depending on the job description and pay rates people tend to live in specific locations, respectively.

Locations that are notorious for high crime rates and poverty tend to work negatively on your future employees’ safety. This consequently influences their quality as workers, as those that are responsible and dedicated will tend to turn down jobs at unsafe neighborhoods.

Make sure that you establish your company in neighborhoods with restaurants and cafés in proximity. This way, you’ll rid yourself of unnecessary free meals expenses.

Points often neglected

There are various seemingly trivial things you need to watch out for. Ask yourself whether the building you’re browsing is secure. Get a quality security service and watch out for dangerous substances like asbestos, for example. A manned reception with a clerk available during business hours is a no-brainer.

When it comes to clerks themselves, make sure you get those that actually enjoy their jobs, so you don’t need to worry about bad customer service.

If you have found a tall building, make sure that there’s a functioning elevator – no one wants to climb 7 flights of stairs to get to their office.

Make sure that the building is well-maintained by investigating into the company that manages the object itself. Find out all about plumbing, water quality, electricity supply and insulation. You want your employees to feel safe, comfortable and therefore satisfied, in order to squeeze out the full workers’ performance.

These basics pretty much cover what you need to look out for when choosing an office space. Keep in mind what your workers need, do frequent employee satisfaction surveys and in that way, make sure that your progress level is at 100% rate.


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