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On Becoming Geek

Before they enter the wondrous world of geekery, geeks are just like most other human beings – unexcited with technology. There are a number of classifications of computer users – casual users, power users, hobbyists, etc. Then there is the special class of geeks – the Natural Geeks.

How To Find Your Mentor

Whatever stage you are in your career, you need a mentor. A mentor brings out the best in you. It doesn’t really matter how super uber you are. You might be the king of experts in your company but you still need a mentor. A mentor does not only bring out the best in you, he or she also does keep your ego in check so you don’t go out of bounds.

10 Ways To Create Momentum In Your Job or Career

The number one reason why employees get bored to death is the lack of opportunity to grow professionally. Stagnancy in anyone’s profession or career is detrimental in his or her career development. The economic turmoil make a dent on the capacity of many companies to sustain substantial employee development programs (EDP). Many companies now cut on their EDP budget, or worse, eradicate the program altogether.

5 Productivity Cheats: How To Do More Work

There is no secret to doing more work – really. Just do as many work as you could and do more when you’re done. But doing more work is not easy to some folks. I suggest the following Tips on doing more work.

Finding Ways To Effective Telecommuting

The trend that has tremendously grown in the last couple of years in the workforce is Telecommuting or, for many, Working From Home (WFH). More and more employees are going down to this path. For sure there are particular standards to meet first before an employee can be granted the privilege of WFH. The biggest factor that determines an employee’s capacity to get things done while WFH is his or herproductivity rate.

Top 6 Ways To Increase Your Online Visibility

These are the Top 6 Ways to increase your visibility in the interwebs. Businesses are slowly finding that the internet can really help them establish their brand. These are the things businesses need to do to guarantee their share in the information super-highway.