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Google Aims For High Quality Search

Google has rolled out some changes on their search algorithm, which is meant to weed out low-quality sites, mostly content farms, from the Google Search results. Google is continuously tweaking their search algorithm to address the demand for quality content. They are after a simple goal: “to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.” There are two keywords there, Quick and Relevant.

10 Tools to Help You Track Your Money

Whether you’re on the road for business or desk-bound for five days per week, it’s tough to know what you’re spending your money on and how much is coming in. It’s understandable that with so many ways to pay (mail, online, over the phone, and in person), keeping track of money is a chore few of us stay on top of. It’s easy to forget to pay this bill or think that you’ve already taken care of another bill when in actuality you haven’t. It can be either frustrating or convenient when your bank holds the money from a bill for a couple of days, either allowing you a few days to put the money in the bank, or making you think that you have more money than you do.

10 Critical Elements Of A Team That Rocks

You might be a cubicle dweller and you might be the only occupant in that 5×5 cube. It’s not good to be a lone wolf in a cubicle farm. The good news is you’re not alone. Good news if that’s how you see it through your personal lenses; bad if you’re a whiner. Of course, the latter is not necessarily true.

You’re part of a team whether you like it or not (you better like it). Your success is important to the team’s success. You don’t like to be the weakest link. You have to make an effort to contribute to the whole body, your team. But it’s not enough that you excel for the sake of personal excellence alone.

Book Review: Evil Plans – Having Fun On The Road To World Domination

You probably heard about “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”; next to that phrase would be Hugh MacLeod’s name, cartoonist and pundit. Ten years ago he’s stuck in the rat race doing advertising and marketing stuff. But he had this crazy calling to dominate the world through his cartoons drawn on the back of business cards. Dominate the world – yes, he succeeded.

That success can be duplicated. Evil Plans: Having Fun On The Road To World Domination will show you how to succeed in your own unique way of world domination.

Best 5 Tips for Inspiring Office Productivity

It is not always easy to get things done in an office environment. Whether the reasoning entails a lot of noise from the inside or the outside of the office, to the simple feeling of being overwhelmed, accomplishing something can be a challenge. With the right tips for motivation, however, there is hope.

My Top 3 BlackBerry Productivity Tools

I recently upgraded my GTD Toolkit with the upgrade of my phone to the BlackBerry Bold 9780 with RIM’s latest OS BlackBerry version 6.0 (my old phone was Nokia E71). I think this is a great phone and I have no complaints so far. The performance of the phone and its battery capacity are excellent. The phone’s 512MB RAM is sufficient enough for the phone to operate smoothly. The phone comes with 2GB microSD (capacity is up to 32GB) which makes it a decent storage device for documents and other files.

File System Preparation Is An Essential Step In Getting Things Done

After purging the unnecessary stuff that mounted in your desk and anywhere else, it’s now time to prepare your filing system. Chaos can easily break anywhere in your living space if no filing system is set up to hold the different materials that you accumulate as you work. Your workflow, either paper-based or online, must include “station” for each process that passes from point to point. If you are like most GTD practitioners, the starting point is the “inbox”. Everything goes into the inbox before any actual process can take place.

Purge: Step 0 In Getting Things Done

Let’s go back to square one – step zero. The best start you can have for establishing your GTD System is a clean slate. Any productivity system you’d decide to use begins with the very first component: Purging. It’s like getting rid of sins before you can renew your spirit.

Purging your stuff before you take up a new system is like that – spiritual renewal. You cannot carry over your old sins to the new system. Purging is perhaps a liberating experience. You cannot afford to have the load of your old baggage on top of your new baggage. Every productivity system must begin with a new outlook, new behavior, and new self.