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How Richard Branson Lives Life By Making Lists

Branson was certainly an easy-going guy. He had a big smile, and the same merry blue eyes that he has today. Sometimes I’d find him working at a round patio table atop the houseboat. When the weather was warm, he’d be stripped to the waist with his sneakers kicked off. Branson was definitely the essence of nonchalance. But I noticed one thing about him. He always had a notebook around. And he was always jotting things down.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Boost Productivity

We’ve heard it said, “Identify your highest skill, exploit it, and just delegate the rest.” Many entrepreneurs, however, couldn’t see the forest for the trees. They’re too involved in some tasks and activities that might have keep them from being successful.

Organisemee – Task Management With A Collaborative Touch

In today’s busy life there are many things to do, and often the days aren’t long enough to accomplish them all. The good news is: There are techniques and tools out there that help you keeping the overview above your tasks and get them done in time.

Book Review: Ten Steps Ahead – What Separates Successful Business Visionaries From The Rest Of Us

The book is extraordinary because it is based on the personal meetings that Calonius has had with some of the most famous visionaries of our time. For instance, Calonius not only meets Steve Jobs in the pages of the book, not only interviews him—but has Jobs take him to the garage in Los Altos California where Jobs and Steve Wozniak actually started Apple. “This is where I sat,” Calonius quotes Jobs saying. “and Woz’s place was over there.”

How To Overcome Disruptions And Achieve Your Productivity Goals

How to deal with productivity killers? Just do whatever we need to do to achieve our productivity goals without letting up on the quality of our work. In any circumstances, that’s easier said than done. There are many reasons why dealing with productivity killers is not easy.

5 Tips for Hosting Clients in Your Home Office

Sometimes it’s easier to bring the office home, and sometimes it’s more effective if your home is your office. But when you decide to invite your clients into your home and personal space, you’ll want to make sure that your home office doesn’t look too much like either a home or an office, but instead somewhere in between. Here are a few tips to strike just the right cord with your clients.

Productivity Nuggets Of The Week (April 02, 2011)

Here’s a list of interesting blog posts I want to share. I wanted “Productivity Nuggets Of The Week” to become a regular thing here in my blog but I haven’t been consistent with it. So I encourage everyone to send me their links with a couple of description to be posted here weekly.