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Online Degree Program Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Juggling a career and family life is very hard to do which is why many women opt to prioritize the welfare of their husband and children and choose to forgo a lucrative career and simply stay at home.

But choosing to stay at home does not mean that you will have to put all your dreams and aspirations aside. Becoming a mother should give you more determination to strive towards your goal to inspire and motivate your children.

7 Things to Do Before Asking for a Raise in Writing

Are you getting ready to ask for a pay raise? It is an intimidating thing to do―no matter who you are.

You might think that you completely deserve your raise―but you still might feel very intimidated when it comes to asking for a raise.

If you have talked to your boss about a raise and you want to follow up with them, here are 7 tips to writing a letter to ask to get a raise.

Go The Extra Mile and See Magnificent Results

People who seem miserable most of the time are often not putting much effort into making things better.

The best approach to living a life that is full of success and having a great outlook on life is to do everything you need to do at the best of your abilities.

Five Ways To Make the Office A Better Place To Work In

The average office is a hive of activity, and for some employees it can rarely feel like a good environment in which to toil away for eight hours at a time. However, there are a number of activities which can be introduced that will change even the hardest-hearted people’s opinions on the place.

Kingston urDrive Infuses Your USB Drive With Life

USB Flash Drives have been the preferred portable storage device for many years. The latest storage technologies are making it possible to squeeze in more and more gigabytes of data in miniscule USB drives.

With Cloud-based storage services gaining substantial traction, more and more people are moving their personal data into the cloud. Hence, we are seeing exodus from USB Drive to it Cloud counterpart.

New Manager’s Survival Guide: 8 Manager Mistakes to Avoid

When you step into your first management position, it can be quite a challenge. You’re worried about how others will perceive you as a leader, and you want to be an effective leader who does the job well.

Even if you’ve been a manager for years, you may have these same concerns when you first begin at a new company. Whatever the case, being the “new manager on duty” can be stressful.

It is important to step cautiously into your new role. If you’re a new manager, keep in mind these eight common mistakes and avoid them at all costs.

If you can avoid making these errors, you’ll be respected by your employees and will be well on your way to being a great manager.