Having a balcony in your office is a great way to still get some outdoors while remaining indoors. This holds especially true for those days where the weather outside is absolutely gorgeous and you are stuck inside working calculating one huge sum after another. If your office has some outdoor space, utilize it by turning it into a balcony.

And to help you with that, here are 5 ideas to make your office balcony look something that came out right from Pinterest:

1. Keep Plants

First thing is first; to make your balcony have that outdoorsy feel to it you need to have something that actually is from the outdoors: plants! Your balcony would be your new favorite place since plants bring so many benefits with them. Helping you relax, improving your mood as you breathe in all that fresh air (the one with less CO2) and all that greenery making you feel that much more fresh…

You can plant them in planter boxes or hang the pots from a wall. Keep in mind how much light your balcony gets because there are plants that thrive only in full sunshine and some that thrive only in shade.  Also, plants like Ming Aralia can grow abnormally tall and may block the view of the rest of the balcony. So these are some factors to think about when you are buying plants for your office.

2. Add Faux Flowers and Plants

If dealing with light, water, shade seems like a lot of work for you, opt for faux flowers and plants instead. They have 0 maintenance needs. At max you might need to dust them off every once in a while, but that is it. Even if you have real plants, adding some faux flowers to your balcony is a great way to add some pop of color to it.

3. Look for Funky Outdoor Furniture

A balcony is more than just plants and flowers. Look for fun outdoor furniture pieces to add to your balcony. And you do not have to stick to boring corporate colors! You can go for folding chairs with stylish patterns on them instead of the plain boring old white ones.

You can also throw in a couple of bean bags in fun colors to give your balcony a more casual feel.

3. Opt for Portable Lighting

Other than the natural light which your balcony gets, you will need to put in some extra lights when it starts to get dark. From hanging fairy lights to those cute small lanterns are great additions to any balcony.

The placement of all this lighting equipment is a crucial task and if you still have not figured out how that is going to be, might as well get portable lights and lamps that you can reposition easily till you find out what placement works best.

4. Install Shutters

Weather is subject to change, it can be windy, too sunny and it can even rain. And neither of these 3 things are wanted INSIDE your office so installing shutters (like the sliding kinds)  in your balcony is a great way to meet these weather conditions.

5. Buy Decking Squares

Concrete floors do not look that appealing. Buy a set of decking squares and latch them together to make your balcony’s floor look that much better.


This article is written by Tom for Walkers

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