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7 Ways to Create A Productive Workplace

A company should always secure the productivity of their business. Because a loss in productivity can be a major problem. In order to achieve an efficient workplace for your company, you should build the morale and productivity of your employees. You must also minimize complaints and disruptions so everyone can focus and concentrate on doing their work effectively.

Here are some guidelines on creating a productive workplace environment..

7 Ways to Make Your Mornings a Productive Start

Mornings aren’t that easy for most people. Morning means having to wake up early, do a routine, and deal with traffic on the way to work or someplace else.

These things can surely make people cranky and hate mornings, which affect their demeanor in doing important tasks for the day.

Essential Ways To Be Productive When Working From Home

Sometimes you simply spend your time during the weekends watching TV and some movies to relax. You do not want to think about the things that you really want to do because it is hard for you to be productive when you are working at home.

There are just too many things that can cause you to stop working and simply enjoying the company of your friends and family. To overcome those distractions here are some essential ways that anyone can do to be more productive when they are working from home:

5 Tips On How To Be Productive By Working Smarter

A lot of people think that to get ahead in this world and be productive you have to work hard; and, to some degree, they are right but it is not the only way.

There is a better way to the whole work hard mentality and that is to work smarter.

What is the work smart mentality? Why is it better than working hard? Working smart is about finding creative ways to solve your problems or concerns.

How To Effectively Write Notes and To Do’s

I admit it. I’m a bit tired of living a digital life. So I began embarking on this digital-to-analog journey. You might have read some of my posts here about Moleskine and Field Notes.

I’m struggling. I can’t seem to find better ways of taking notes.

The Etch Moleskine Cover And Twist Precision Pen by Allegory

I’ve always been fascinated by things made by hand. I admire the craft and appreciate the effort put into creating them.

The art borne out of the palm’s creative touch echoes a form of poetry that is mute and solemn.

Such are the Etch leather cover and Twist pen made by Allegory.

Why Your Adventure To Keep A Journal Notebook Failed

My notebook is an extension of my brain. I love it this way because I don’t have the distraction of having to deal with the technology layer of a simple task such as recording a thought on a smart phone or tablet.

Recording to a notebook is almost instantaneous — find the next empty page, then write; and, you’re done.

Keeping a notebook for many is a challenge. And I understand why.

Can GTD and Pomodoro Work Hand in Hand?

As thought systems, they are incompatible. You cannot just focus on one particular task and maintain that same focus for all your other tasks.

Pomodoro is singular in its approach; GTD is collective.

Pomodoro Technique 101

To get started, you only need a to-do task list and the Pomodoro Timer (affiliate link) or any 30-minute kitchen timer. Start with your first task in the list. Set the Pomodoro Timer to 30 minutes. Start working. Pay attention to the timer. If you reach the 25th minute, stop working and take a short 5 minute break. You might get tempted to just continue working but you must stop. You must follow the system. The 5-minute break must be a moment of just “not doing anything” – don’t check email, make calls, or any other source of distraction. If you finished the task in under 25 minutes, say 10 minutes, don’t stop the time. Use your extra 15 minutes to review the task. The 25-minute rule is set in stone. You cannot go under or over it.

Forget GTD, Focus On Productivity

GTD is a system that helps you achieve stress-free productivity. GTD is a means to an end; not the end itself.

We all should remember that.