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4 Ways to Spend Less Time On Your Personal Finances

People don’t like to talk about money, and when it comes to creating (and sticking to) a budget, balancing your checkbook, or tracking spending, well, no one wants to do it.

You don’t need to live in a cardboard box, subsisting on ramen noodles three times a day. Nor do you need to spend every waking minute on money matters.

How Freelancing Can Help Start Your Business

Yes, freelancers do get to set their own hours. And, you’re right, they can take a Dorito break any time they want. And, sure, they do get to do all of this while ensconced in their favorite flannel pajamas.

But there’s more to freelancing than meets the eye. Despite the casual dress code and extremely flexible schedule, freelancing can actually help you succeed as an entrepreneur–building your own business empire.

5 Reasons Being Self Employed Sucks

The self-employed make their own hours and have the freedom to work hard or hardly work.

However, while the idea of being your own boss is nice, the uncertainty and financial constraints of being self-employed can be a harsh reality.

Who Wants To Be an Entrepreneur?

More and more people are seriously considering how they could realize their dreams of becoming their own boss. Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted, but it can be incredibly rewarding to those who have the skills, talent and drive that is necessary to succeed.

Can MoGro Replace Financial Advisors?

No, this isn’t some diabolical plan to replace people with robots at local brokerage firms (hmmm…).

It’s actually an acknowledgement that having to pay financial advisors steep commissions and hefty fees is often times a barrier that stops the average person from investing.

Yet, not being knowledgeable about investing can be equally costly, so that most people have been restricted to the traditionally less profitable investment vehicles such as bank savings accounts and CDs. What to do?

10 Must Have FREE Personal Finance Apps for iPhone

In the world of finance free is king. When trying to plan your financial future, retirement, or even weekend date, you want to save as much money as possible, while keeping a close eye on your personal finances. With the boom in mobile technology, your iPhone can help you save hundreds, and without costing you a dime. So here is a list of 10 must have, and Free, iPhone apps.

Cut Back Your Cost Of Living

[L]ethargy is the retailers’ and bankers’ greatest money making asset. Most consumers consider themselves to be savvy shoppers but only in these tougher times is that really being put to the test.

In a period when every penny counts, there are a number of simple ways to stretch the household budget and make your money work harder for you.

How To Start A Business While In Debt

It would be wrong to say that the only prerequisite of starting a business is to invest huge cash. But, this is not actually true. Every big business starts from an idea.

Ideas when collectively accumulated and combined with tactical effort can translate into the formation of a giant industry.

Cash is an added advantage to set up equipment that are absolutely essential to conduct the operation of your business.

However, when you think about Apple Computers and Dell, you can conclude that business needs creativity, hard work along some amount of money. Especially when you are in debt and through debt settlement program you cannot expect to obtain big business loan from banks or financial institutions.

10 Tools to Help You Track Your Money

Whether you’re on the road for business or desk-bound for five days per week, it’s tough to know what you’re spending your money on and how much is coming in. It’s understandable that with so many ways to pay (mail, online, over the phone, and in person), keeping track of money is a chore few of us stay on top of. It’s easy to forget to pay this bill or think that you’ve already taken care of another bill when in actuality you haven’t. It can be either frustrating or convenient when your bank holds the money from a bill for a couple of days, either allowing you a few days to put the money in the bank, or making you think that you have more money than you do.