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The Etch Moleskine Cover And Twist Precision Pen by Allegory

I’ve always been fascinated by things made by hand. I admire the craft and appreciate the effort put into creating them.

The art borne out of the palm’s creative touch echoes a form of poetry that is mute and solemn.

Such are the Etch leather cover and Twist pen made by Allegory.

Kingston urDrive Infuses Your USB Drive With Life

USB Flash Drives have been the preferred portable storage device for many years. The latest storage technologies are making it possible to squeeze in more and more gigabytes of data in miniscule USB drives.

With Cloud-based storage services gaining substantial traction, more and more people are moving their personal data into the cloud. Hence, we are seeing exodus from USB Drive to it Cloud counterpart.

Book Review: Ten Steps Ahead – What Separates Successful Business Visionaries From The Rest Of Us

The book is extraordinary because it is based on the personal meetings that Calonius has had with some of the most famous visionaries of our time. For instance, Calonius not only meets Steve Jobs in the pages of the book, not only interviews him—but has Jobs take him to the garage in Los Altos California where Jobs and Steve Wozniak actually started Apple. “This is where I sat,” Calonius quotes Jobs saying. “and Woz’s place was over there.”

Book Review: Eat People – And Other Unapologetic Rules For Game-Changing Entrepreneurs

If you are a worker or an employee with low skills, it’s time to look for ways to train to upgrade your skill set. Sooner than later, unproductive jobs will be eliminated to give way to higher efficiencies in order to up the ante in productivity – and wealth. Eat people – that is what this book suggests. It means eliminating unproductive jobs – those that don’t contribute in creating the wealth.

Book Review: Evil Plans – Having Fun On The Road To World Domination

You probably heard about “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”; next to that phrase would be Hugh MacLeod’s name, cartoonist and pundit. Ten years ago he’s stuck in the rat race doing advertising and marketing stuff. But he had this crazy calling to dominate the world through his cartoons drawn on the back of business cards. Dominate the world – yes, he succeeded.

That success can be duplicated. Evil Plans: Having Fun On The Road To World Domination will show you how to succeed in your own unique way of world domination.

Upgrading Your Pocket Moleskine With A Pen Holder

Although Moleskine is arguably the best notebook in its class, it would still be useless without its essential partner – the writing instrument like a pen or pencil. And this is where the “shortcoming” of the notebook becomes apparent – the lack of a pen holder.

How To Effectively Manage Your Priorities – Part II

Separating your tasks according to the level of concern associated with them can greatly help you focus your attention to the right priorities at any given time. And, by having a clear overview of your tasks in their appropriate category, you can easily determine which tasks need what resources. Knowing the right tools to use and the amount of resources needed beforehand can mitigate your job by a large percentage.

3 States of Simple Productivity: Assess, Decide, and Do

Intermittent focus is a major productivity assassin. Our inability to devote our focus on one thing, and only one thing, at any given time brings difficulty to how we implement any system that we choose. This is the reason why we should set goals and commit to attain them.

The Nirvana Of Task Management

The most critical portion of the GTD system, arguably, is the capturing portion – getting things out of your head. To effectively capture your stuff and efficiently manage your tasks, you need a tool that will allow you to easily handle the process of capturing the things you need to do.

How To Effectively Manage Your To-Do List

David Allen’s Getting Things Done System points out that the “daily to-do lists don’t work” because of two reasons. One is the constant input of new tasks and shifting of their priorities. This makes your game plan difficult to follow. Another reason is that you water down the emphasis on the unfinished tasks that need to be re-listed for the next day because those have to compete with the new priorities. If you’ve been wondering why your keeping a daily to-do list doesn’t seem to be of any help, you now know why.