When you have to juggle work, home life, and social responsibilities, it can often feel as though there just isn’t enough time in the day. In order to get it all done and do it successfully, you need to have a daily routine that works for you. On top of that, you need to have the discipline to stick to it every day. Here’s how to establish a winning routine and then resist the temptation to shift away from the schedule.

Making your daily routine

The first thing to do is to work out what kind of schedule suits you best. Some like to plan out their day hour by hour, assigning a task to each segment of the day. Others prefer to have rough chunks of time reserved for certain times of activity, so that you could designate the hours of 10am to 1pm to working through a to-do list, for example.

Find the method that works for you and stick to it. Some people find it easier to dispense with a timed schedule, and simply work within set times to see how much they can achieve. If you try this and find that you fall short of what you wanted to finish during the day, a more structured plan will work better for you. The main thing is to try a few different options first before you set anything in stone. You can stick to a final daily plan once you know what you feel most comfortable with.

Avoiding derailments

One of the major distractions to look out for is the internet, and you can seriously improve productivity by avoiding online temptations. Try to stay away from the things that distract you – if you find that you keep checking your emails all day long, for example, you could limit yourself to only opening your emails at certain times of day. Think about the things that distract you most often, and set out a plan to avoid them.

If you find that you are frequently diverting from your daily plan and not actually finishing the day, you should consider changing your plan around. Maybe a different structure will work better for you, or it could be that you are simply trying to fit too much into the day. Don’t be too hard on yourself: if you have too many commitments, even a winning day routine won’t help you to get through them. You have to be realistic with what you can actually achieve within the space of one day.

If others are distracting you, you may have to ask them to respect your new routine. Let them know that within a certain span of hours, you are not to be disturbed except in emergencies.

Allowing for changes

Even the best daily routine will sometimes need to be a little bit flexible. You might sleep late, or wake up feeling a little out of sorts. An emergency could come up which requires your full attention, or you might have a new piece of work drop into your inbox that has to be done immediately. If so, your schedule should be flexible.

Don’t get so stuck into your day routine that the slightest change feels like a calamity – you can bend the rules a little so long as everything gets done at the end of the day!


The secret to sticking to a winning day routine is simply to set a routine that you can manage well. Being realistic with your goals goes a long way towards achieving this.


Written by Zoe Anderson – a passionate blogger with background in education, currently sharing her thoughts and ideas at StudySelect. Zoe is a self-learner and knows very well that motivation and strong habits can change one’s life for the better.

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