How To Effectively Write Notes and To Do’s

I admit it. I’m a bit tired of living a digital life. So I began embarking on this digital-to-analog journey. You might have read some of my posts here about Moleskine and Field Notes.

I’m struggling. I can’t seem to find better ways of taking notes.

To say that I’m having a hard time in my digital to analog transition is an understatement. My two biggest problems? Organization of the notes and Indexing.

I’m sure there is a better way of taking notes out there! And I must find it!

Then there comes Bullet Journal. This system solves most of our – us analog note takers – problems on organizing and indexing notes on paper.

Here’s a Getting Started video on Bullet Journal.


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1 Thought.

  1. It’s an interesting concept, but what I’ve found to be easier overall is to have a mix. I carry a Moleskine and I will take notes with it a lot of the time. Then later I’ll transfer those into my digital system. How I take notes in the Moleskine isn’t a big deal, but I do have some things that help me distinguish.

    1) I try to use different colors (meaning I carry multiple colored pens). Green is for tasks I need to complete. I do use the checkbox as well.

    2) I use the Air Force Talking Paper method of notation for notes. I learned it back in my college days and had to use it in the USAF. It’s simple, fast, and I’ve never found anything really better.

    3) I do try to use keywords or markers, like TODO for those tasks or QUOTE for a quote.

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