Working from home offers many benefits to those that simply don’t want to drag themselves to the office every day.  For instance, you can create any type of office you want, maintain control over your schedule, and even be your own boss.

Plus, your salary is seemingly limitless, you can take your work on the road with you, and you even avoid the sometimes petty office politics that swirl the office cubicles.

Sounds appealing right?

But what if you have big dreams to work from home, but only a small space to work with?

How do you go from the coveted corner office to the corner of your apartment office?

It’s not enough to understand how to be productive while working from home.  In fact, the environment you work in can have a major impact on whether you get any work done, despite what you know about being productive.

Luckily for you, there plenty of ways to make your small in-home office work for you so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Nab the Corner (of the) Office

Just because you don’t work in a corporate building anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have the corner office.  And, if your home space is less than ideal, the corner is all you need.

Additionally, a corner space provides a quiet area for you to get work done, tucked away from the rest of the bustling activity that is your home-sweet-home.

2. Use the Wall Space

If your home office is a tight squeeze, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the vertical wall space next to your desk.  Think bulletin boards and long shelves.

This technique is great for those that don’t have enough room to insert a large desk into the office area.  Plus, you can personalize them to give you more of cheery feel, which will add to your work productivity.

3. Get a Modem Router Combo

It should come as no surprise that working from a small home does not lend you a lot of room for a computer, screen, modem, router, and office supplies.  And, there is no denying that having a strong Wi-Fi signal and fast internet speed is crucial to the success of anyone working from home.

That’s why investing in the best modem router combo you can afford should be a priority.  Not only do they save you lots of space, they are fast, and super easy to install.

4.  Downsize the Chair

This may seem like a simple and insignificant change, but in a small area, the size of your office chair can make a huge difference.

Swap out the bulky office chair for a sleeker, slimmer one and watch the surrounding space free up instantly.

Many people dream of being closer to their families, freeing up their time, and still making enough money to pay the bills.  And, it just so happens that working from home is one of the best ways to do just that.

For those with small in-home offices, don’t lose hope.  There is still plenty of room to utilize so long as you think outside-of-the-box, tap into your creative side and make your small in-home office space work for you.



Lindsay Liedke is a freelance writer for hire that writes about how to build businesses, make your website better, and how to make working from home a possibility.  When she is not writing, she enjoys drinking coffee and spending family time with her son every chance she gets.

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