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In my previous post, I said that blogging is one of the most effective ways, if not the most effective way, of establishing your online identity.

A day after posting that,  a couple of buddies in the office asked me how to build a blog. I explained to them in details how to go through the process.

In order for me to not keep on repeating the whole thing every time somebody asks, I decided to write about the overview process of building a blog.

First and foremost, you must check your company policy. Approach a human resource representative and check with him or her if there is any possible conflict that might arise.

Generally, companies are ok with employees having a blog not related to their job. To avoid any complications, you must do your blogging stuff outside of your company’s time.

Respect their resources and preserve their trust by abiding by the rules.

Domain Name and Hosting Account

Sign Up with Bluehost now and start blogging to your success!If the reason why you are blogging is to establish an online identity, then you must register your unique domain name and sign up for a self-hosted account for your blog site.

You must own the site as it will be identified with you – the blog is you, you are the blog.

There is nothing wrong with the third-party free blogging platforms such as and Blogger. One factor you need to consider is the professional look of your blog.

The domain name has a lot to do with this. is a lot better than or

It’s up to you whether you want to use your name as your domain name or something else that describes what you want to write about.

If the reason why you are blogging is to establish an online identity, then you must register your unique domain name and sign up for a self-hosted account for your blog site.

You must own the site as it will be identified with you – the blog is you, you are the blog.

You want to have a complete control over your content and your blog site in general. What happens if you host you blog with or Blogger is that you do not have an absolute right to your content.

If they decide to delete and purge your site for just any reason, they have the rights to do that. is being hosted by (affiliate link) which I highly recommend. Let me know if you need help how to setup with them.

One domain name registration with Bluehost is free as long as you have a hosting account with them.

For less than $70.00 per year, you can have both the domain name and hosting up and running pretty quickly (with no setup fee).

Download and Install WordPress

WordPress is a premium free blogging platform that is truly rich in features. Now in its current version 3.0, the software is a robust system that is flexible and scalable.

It provides everything you need to build your professional blog. You can basically install the software in five minutes and have your blog run out of the box.

Check your hosting company about how to install the WordPress software in their server. If you host your WordPress on Bluehost, they have a software that can automatically install WordPress in only few clicks.

You just have to provide the parameters that the system requires. Just follow the instruction as you go step-by-step on the installation process. Download the WordPress software from

Sign up with Bluehosting and build your brand with your brand now!

Must-Have Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

You need components (called “plugins”) to extend the capability of your WordPress blog.

I recommend the following plugins that will take care most of the hard work behind the scene.

Let me point out, though, that these are not the only ones you need as you extend your blog with other features.

  • WP Greet Box – If you want to greet your new visitors with a customize message depending on the referring website, this is the plugin that you must have. This add some personal touch to your blog.
  • WordPress Database Backup – Probably the single most important plugin you need. I mean, you must install this plugin in day one. This plugin creates a backup of the database behind your blog. All your content is saved in that database, and, basically you need to backup your asset. Your content is the most important asset in your blog (aside from yourself, of course), so you have to take precautionary steps to preserve them.
  • All-In-One-SEO – This plugin will take care of the baseline of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. You don’t have to know everything about SEO for now. Your number one concern should be building great content that address specific needs.  It is enough for now to say that this plugin takes care of the basic SEO so you can focus on delivering great content for your readers.
  • Subscribe To Comments – This plugin allows commenters to opt in to receive email notification for the subsequent comments. Some readers would want to be notified when new comments are added in a post they already commented on. This also encourages interaction among your readers.
  • WPtouch iPhone Theme – This is a cool option that you might consider installing. This plugin transforms your blog site into a theme that looks cool in the iPhone.
  • Contact Form 7 – Your readers must have a way to contact you. Since your purpose is to establish an online identity, then this plugin is a must if you want your readers (or potential employers) to be able to contact you.

Recommended Book On Becoming A Professional Blogger

Become A Six-Figure BloggerProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. This book contains most of the things you need to know to build, maintain, and market your blog. The valuable tips and tricks you learn from this book will certainly make you a better blogger if you implement them efficiently.

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