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4 Ways to Spend Less Time On Your Personal Finances

People don’t like to talk about money, and when it comes to creating (and sticking to) a budget, balancing your checkbook, or tracking spending, well, no one wants to do it.

You don’t need to live in a cardboard box, subsisting on ramen noodles three times a day. Nor do you need to spend every waking minute on money matters.

5 Tips On How To Be Productive By Working Smarter

A lot of people think that to get ahead in this world and be productive you have to work hard; and, to some degree, they are right but it is not the only way.

There is a better way to the whole work hard mentality and that is to work smarter.

What is the work smart mentality? Why is it better than working hard? Working smart is about finding creative ways to solve your problems or concerns.

Getting Started With GTD

I often get questions about how to get started with GTD. If you never heard of GTD before, Google the phrase “Getting Things Done by David Allen”. Go ahead, read about GTD and I’ll be here when you’re ready.

While you performed that search, you probably saw links to articles on how to get started with GTD. Ok, I’m really late into the game. I can find a lot of detailed materials on how to GTD on the internet.

How To Stop The Mental Chatter And Actually DO Something

We often struggle with deciding what to do, as there’s so much of it to go. And then, when we do know what we have lined up for the day, we then struggle with our mental chatter, otherwise known as ‘procrastination’.

In other words, we have to fight two battles – we have to take arms against the external forces of the world, then we have to take arms against our internal forces.

While David Allen provided some very incredible and useful tips in Getting Things Done for organising our ‘stuff’ and deciding what to spend our days on, there was little in the way of organising and ‘defeating’ the mental chatter that goes on in our heads.

How to actually do something – that’s the problem.

FacileThings Gives Time Back To You

FacileThings is a self-management system which complies entirely with the methodology that David Allen introduced and which became a worldwide reference on personal productivity. It is made up by a web application, a mobile web app and a website that provides contents to educate and advise people who want to improve their personal and professional life.

The Plancake Inbox: Get Organized And Stay Relaxed

I have always believed the key to productivity is organization. And what’s organization? I would say organization is to have everything under control and be confident enough about what needs to be done. That brings also relaxation, which is good. Plancake has got everything that you would expect from a GTD-oriented task manager: lists, tags, notes, calendar, next actions, repetitive tasks and an Inbox. In this post I would like to focus on the Inbox.

Dealing Effectively With Information Overload At Work

Think about this. There are only 24 hours a day. A third of that is allocated for rest (sleeping time and other relaxing rituals). Another third is for work. The last portion of those 24 hours is for recreation and family or friends. Add an extra hour to your rest and you’re oversleeping or slacking. Add an extra hour to recreation and you’re too lax and lazy. Extended working hours might just be OK once in a while but doing that over and over up to a point that it becomes a habit can only mean two things: You’re either workaholic or mismanaging your work.

How To Effectively Manage Your Priorities – Part II

Separating your tasks according to the level of concern associated with them can greatly help you focus your attention to the right priorities at any given time. And, by having a clear overview of your tasks in their appropriate category, you can easily determine which tasks need what resources. Knowing the right tools to use and the amount of resources needed beforehand can mitigate your job by a large percentage.

How To Effectively Manage Your Priorities – Part I

If you are familiar with productive systems like GTD, Pomodoro, Zen to Done, and many others, chances are you know that one of the hardest aspects of such systems is how to effectively set priorities so you can maximize your effort and resources. But how do you really prioritize? Aside from systematically listing items in your todo list and setting schedules or milestones, what else do you think is a better way to set your priorities?

Putting The Importance Of Productivity Back On Top

We see that between productivity and slacking off is a thin line – much like genius and insanity. Let’s make clear, though, that the system and the tool have nothing to do with your productivity. Your choice of productivity system and preferred tool are nothing but simple extensions of your process. Your rituals have a great impact on the success or failure of that process.