Disclaimer: I received these items from Allegory in exchange for my review. That didn’t influence my opinion of these products. Check www.allegorypens.com for more information.

I’ve always been fascinated by things made by hand. I admire the craft and appreciate the effort put into creating them.

The art borne out of the palm’s creative touch echoes a form of poetry that is mute and solemn.

Such are the Etch leather cover and Twist pen made by Allegory.

Etch cover for moleskine cashier

If you are like me, you always keep a small journal notebook despite you having an always-connected smartphone. I have an HTC One that I use for communication and productivity. I use my pocket journal notebook to keep  track of thought and ideas that might  be useful now or in the future.

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I usually have a Moleskine Pocket Notebook. But it is not really pocket-sized in the truest sense. I cannot put it in my pant’s pocket without discomfort. Putting it in the back pocket is almost impossible. If I’m on the go, I would bring a Moleskine Cahier pocket notebook which I can just slide into my cargo short pocket.

Allegory Pens just came out with a slick kangaroo leather cover for the Moleskine Cahier notebook (3.5 x 5.5 inches) called “The Etch.” I didn’t know kangaroo leather makes a good material for notebook covers.

An expensive kangaroo leather cover for a simple notebook (Moleskine notebooks are expensive also) could be an overkill for some people. But there are other people who are just like you and me who put so much value into their old-school notebooks.

The Etch is made for people like you – yes, you the reader – and me.

Etch by Allegory

Here’s the comparison between the Moleskine Pocket Notebook (hard cover) and Moleskine Cahier with the Etch cover:

Etch Cover with Moleskine Cashier

The Etch cover has 2 card slots at the back:

Card Pockets in Etch Leather Cover

But I might give it a second thought if I really want to slide my debit and credit cards in there. Each slot can accommodate up to 3 plastic cards. There is nothing that secures the cards in place. I don’t recommend keeping your cards in those slots if you use it on daily basis.

Update 7/22/2013: I’ve been carrying my Etch for a month now, and the 2 “test cards” I put in the slots stayed there. The slots are deep enough to keep your ID or credit cards. After all, the Etch was designed as a back pocket notebook cover.

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If you use the side pocket in the Moleskine Cahier, you’re in luck because the cover design of the Etch allows access to the side pocket at the back of the cahier notebook:

Side Pocket Allegory Etch Cover

With the release of Etch comes also the new addition to Allegory Precision Pen Collection – The Twist:

Handcrafted Wood Pens

According to Allegory, these pens – The Twist – are “made from Beech reclaimed from shipping crates that were used to ship windmills from Europe.” So whenever you hold this pen in your hand, you’re not just holding a writing instrument but a piece of history. How cool is that!

The pen is a bit heavy to my liking because I’m used to pens that are made of plastic. The elegance of the polished wood and metal compensate for that.

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Don’t worry about running out of ink because this pen is refillable with standard ballpoint refills:

Refillable Allegory Handcrafted pens


Here’s a couple of close looks:

close look allegory pens pens made out of reclaimed wood


Here’s another look of the pen:

Another Look at Allegory Twist

Here’s how the pen and notebook look like together:

Allegory Pen and Leather collection

allegory Etch and reclaimed wood pen

If you are into notebooks and pens and love Kickstarter, Allegory has a Kickstarter campaign for the Etch cover and Twist pen. You may want to support them.

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