The Nirvana Of Task Management

Post written by Marlon Ribunal.
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The Getting Things Done system (GTD) is undoubtedly one of the best productivity systems out there. It is widely adopted in many workplaces around the world. In fact the GTD book is translated into more than two dozens languages. The GTD System has helped millions of knowledge workers get through their workdays stress-free and more effective.

The most critical portion of the GTD system, arguably, is the capturing portion – getting things out of your head. To effectively capture your stuff and efficiently manage your tasks, you need a tool that will allow you to easily handle the process of capturing the things you need to do.

I have mentioned in “Less Is More When It Comes To Productivity Tools” that a task management tool should have these characteristics:

  • Our tool should be simple enough to deploy so as to eliminate any unnecessary overhead
  • It should be appropriate to the system we’re using, and
  • It must be effective in helping us produce the desired results

Additionally, in “How To Effectively Manage Your To-Do List“, I also mentioned that your task management should allow batching your tasks into Projects, categorizing by Contexts, and letting you get an overview of all your current tasks. In other words, an effective tool is one that involves less time in managing the tool and save you time that you can allocate to actually doing your tasks.

Nirvana Task Management Tool - Less Time Managing, More Time DoingThis is what the Nirvana tool is all about - less time in managing, more time doing. “Nirvana is all about getting things out of your head and into a trusted system, then effortlessly drilling down to the thing you should be doing right now.”

It has the following features:

Schedule Tasks – Automatically pops to-dos in your Today List.

Organize Tasks By Project – Organize and sort tasks within a project.

Context and Tagging – Tag tasks with your context in GTD style.

Email Ticklers – Receive daily ticklers or reminders of the things you need to do per your schedule.

Quick Search – You can search tags, notes, tasks and projects.

Archive or Trash – If you cannot trash a task for some reasons, you have the option to archive it. The archive is a useful feature if you’re keeping track of your tasks for a monthly review.

Waiting For – Of course Nirvana isn’t  a complete GTD system without this feature.

Email Your Tasks to Your Nirvana Inbox – You’re on the move? Just Send your tasks via email and that goes straight to your Nirvana Inbox.

Export On Demand – Moving your system to another system? You can keep everything with you by asking Nirvana to send you all your data. Cool!

I highly recommend this tool! This is one of the few applications that fully incorporates the GTD concept in its entirety. Have you used this tool yet?

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5 Thoughts.

  1. Getting stuff out of your head is exactly what these productivity tools do. They turn todo lists into done lists. They’re such a help. We use My boss took it on about two months ago. My work is so much easier now. He’s more approachable too somehow. Very pleased with Dooster.

    Admin’s Note: Please be aware that there is a site called that might be a rogue website. Dooster the task management web app is at (take notice of the extension .org vs .net – .net is the right one)

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    • It really is a good implementation of the GTD system. Capturing your stuff via Nirvana is better than the physical inbox. The tickler email is cool also! If you haven’t tried this app I suggest that you experiment with it; integrate it in your daily system. Nirvana will help you have control over your life!

      Note: I have not received any compensation – money or services – from the Nirvana company/owner for this review. I am just a big fan :-)

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