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Enter Andrei…

time managementOne trending topic in the last years is time management. How to get better at it, what to do in order to be more efficient and what it really means. Few people take a minute to ask themselves a simple question: why should I manage my time better?

It’s very important to start tracking your time, having time for yourself, having systems, working without interruptions or prioritizing. But you need a clear motivation as to why you should do so and how it will benefit you.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider improving your time management:

1. You will be more productive – this is the best aspect of managing your time. The workday will be more structured, you will work according to plan, will get more done in the same amount of time and will become a great asset for the client/employer.

2. Less stress – having your tasks planned out, knowing how you usually waste time and improving it will result in less stressful situations and a more calm you. Less stress means that you will work better, faster and will be happier while completing your tasks.

3. Healthier work ethic – you will be more aware of the priorities and tasks you need to tackle, which in turn will make you a better professional. Working in a structured manner will not only make you more productive, but will help you grow professionally. You will learn more and faster than you would have before. Being more productive will help your self-esteem and help you be more confident.

3. More time for yourself – improving your work patterns will result in less need for overtime or taking work home with you. This will mean more time for yourself, time for hobbies, projects, friends and family.

4. Happier clients – all your hard work will pay off. Clients/employers will see the change and will appreciate tasks taken care of quickly. Happier clients mean leverage on your side, you will become more in control of your professional life.

5. You will push yourself – having a clear to do list and a planned course will make you work on tasks that you might not like but need to get done. You won’t be able to postpone them because you will be aware that time is ticking and you need to complete them.
6. Keeps you balanced – knowing and controlling your time and tasks will help you keep a better balance between your professional and private life. You will be able to follow how much time you actually spend on time wasters, and how much time you spend on your actual work.

7. You’re in control – all this sums up to one important thing, you’re the one that controls your time. You still need to do everything you did before, and maybe even more because you will be more effective, but now you see the big picture and see which tasks should be tackled first, saved for last or should be passed to someone else.

You won’t need to work more because you forgot some minor detail and lose more of your precious free time, because now you’re structured and covered all the bases.

Andrei Monenciu is a community manager and tech support specialist at Paymo – an online time tracking and billing application. He’s constantly in touch with the Paymo community sharing tips about time management and how to best deal with projects.

Photo courtesy of flickr use Breathing Space.

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